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alchemy (noun) /ˈalkɪmi/:  the science of creating change both physically and spiritually.

We offer a 100% natural range of botanical remedies created to balance and support your physical and emotional needs.

We understand the significant difference plant based medicine makes to daily self care and are passionate about offering effective solutions to nourish your mind, body and spirit.



A convenient way for on the go relief, our therapeutic rollers are easy to use, safe and effective making wellness accessible all day every day.



Indulge the senses and support wellbeing with our natural aromatherapy mists. Spritz the air and enjoy the effective benefits of 100% pure essential oils.  Ideal for use as a body, room or linen spray.


Treat your body to the very best and experience the rejuvenating benefits of some of the world's purest minerals in al.k.me's luxury bath salts. From nourishing the skin to detoxifying the body, the magical properties of Dead Sea salts, magnesium sulphate and Himalayan pink salts allow you to feel refreshed and renewed, create radiant skin and a healthy mind, body and soul with every soak.


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